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“I'm proud to work for a company that shares the same values as I do and shares the same commitment to investing in the community with our time, talent, and treasure.”.

G. Levante, VP - Corporate Social Responsibility

“Berkshire Bank is a wonderful place to work! I started with the company in January 2010 and couldn't be happier. This organization really understands the importance of teamwork from all levels. The people, the energy and the efficiency within this organization makes for a wonderful working experience. Berkshire Bank and its employees clearly understand the RIGHT core values!”

M. Lonczak, AVP - Private Banking Officer

“I knew the first day I started working at Berkshire Bank, it was going to be a very positive experience for me. The energy and attitude was upbeat, energetic and fun from the start. Also, Berkshire Bank is very supportive of their employees regarding their growth and learning potential within the company.”

M. Tomasi, Senior Creative Director

"The difference between us and many other companies that create values and behaviors is that you can actually see them in action at Berkshire!"

E. Mineo, SVP - Private Banking

"Everyone I’ve talked to in the organization always has positive things to say about Berkshire Bank. The togetherness and sense of community is what drew me here. Our innovation and upward growth is exciting for everyone!”

K. Prescilla, MyBanker - Customer Advisor

“You won't have the same day twice here; always something new and that's one reason how Berkshire Bank is exciting. I'm definitely looking forwards to my future here and how I can better myself to crush my goals that are before me!”

B. McCauley, Digital Marketing Specialist

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