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Choose from several easy ways to keep tabs on your accounts.

Order the combination. Or cut out paper altogether.

It's important to keep an eye on your Berkshire Bank account balances. Studying your transactions can help you make better budgeting decisions and also help you notice potential fraud. You can choose to receive mailed paper statements or eStatements through a secure email link. It's your choice!

Combined Statements

  • See information about all your accounts info in one place every month
  • Eliminate multiple statements and reduce the risk of identity theft
  • View deposit account information
  • Maximize the opportunity to move extra funds into savings
  • Request a combined statement by contacting your local branch or calling us at 800-773-5601.

eStatements & eNotices

  • Electronic versions of many account documents can be made available to view at any time
  • Access eStatements from any location through Online Banking
  • E-Statements are delivered faster than those sent through the mail
  • An e-mail is sent to you when your documents are available for you to access
  • Save to your computer and print only when needed to keep your personal information secure
  • You'll also receive eNotices of all regulatory disclosures associated with your accounts as well as information about Berkshire Bank products or services.

Deposit Notices

  • Inactive, Dormant, Escheatment Suspect Notice
  • CD Maturity Notice
  • Confirmation of Transaction Notice                 
  • Excessive Transaction Notice
  • Overdraft Notice
  • Transfer Notice
  • Tax Forms

Loan Notices

  • Paid Loan Notice
  • Principal Balance Charge Advice
  • Projected Extension Notice
  • Advice of Rate Change
  • Reg Z Advice of Rate Change
  • Balloon Payment Notice
  • Pending Change Notice
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Variable Plan Amortization Schedule
  • Charge Advice
  • Fee Charge Advice
  • Last Payment Notice
  • Account Fee Payment Notice
  • Note Fee Bill
  • Note Fee Charge Advice
  • Option Rate Expiration Notice
  • Loan Information Letter
  • Loan Payment Notice
  • Interest Paid By Account Statement
  • Interest Paid by Note Statement
  • Fees Paid by Account Statement
  • Loan Year-to-Date Activity
  • Year-End Tax Solicitation Letter
  • Company Statement
  • Escrow Shortage Notice
  • Escrow Transfer Account
  • Escrow Analysis
  • Escrow Analysis Summary
  • Escrow Adjustment Notice
  • Payoff Notice to Payee
  • Annual Notice for Existing Residential Mortgages
  • Escrow Insurance Expiration Notice
  • Annual Notice for Residential Mortgage Transactions
  • Escrow Insurance Premium Notice
  • Past Due Notice
  • Annual Privacy Notice

Year-end tax reporting forms:

  • 1098
  • 1098-E
  • 1099-A
  • 1099-B
  • 1099-C
  • 1099-DIV
  • 1099-INT
  • 1099-MISC
  • 1099-OID
  • 1099-Q
  • 1099-R
  • 1099-S
  • 1099-SA
  • 5498
  • 5498-ESA
  • 5498-SA
  • combined 6807/1098

Note: Once enrolled you are waiving printed statements for all owners or authorized signers. You also agree to receive regulatory and disclosure notices through the Bank’s website.

If you wish to withdraw your consent you can do so through Online Banking.

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