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If we suspect debit or credit card fraud, we'll contact you fast.

Instant communication allows you to take immediate action.

Those plastic cards in your pocket provide you with incredible buying power. Unfortunately, those accounts are also target for hackers and scammers. Berkshire Bank SecurLOCK gives you peace of mind by promising to alert you almost instantly if we notice any unusual activity on your cards. That will allow you to take action to prevent financial losses and harm to your credit score.

  • Decide how you you want to be contacted
  • By text (many major carriers waive normal fees)
  • Interactive email communication
  • Engage in two-way voice calls
  • Enhanced phone number authentication to prevent call spoofing for inbound calls
  • 88% of fraud victims do not receive real-time fraud alerts. Those that do receive alerts see their potential fraud losses decrease by 70%.

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