The Be FIRST Commitment

Bringing our values to life.

Banks play a pivotal role in society and with changes in technology, the regulatory environment, consumer preferences, expectations, and our neighborhoods, we must reimagine the role we play in the lives of every person and every community. The Be FIRST Commitment is our plan for action. Its our roadmap to enhance our social, environmental and governance performance, improve our culture, futureproof the company and transform our communities by building a responsible workforce, fostering sustainable communities and financing the future.


Build A Responsible Workforce

We're building the workforce of tomorrow, today, by engaging and developing ethical, knowledgable, diverse, inclusive and passioniate employees. We focus our efforts across the following areas:

  • Ethics
  • Data Privacy, Security & Fraud
  • Diveristy & Inclusion
  • Pay Equity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement & Development

Foster Sustainable Communities

We're creating thriving and prosperous neighborhoods by investing in what can be and managing our enviromental footprint. We focus our efforts across the following areas:

   Finance the Future

We're serving as a catalyst for economic and sustainable growth, bridging the wealth gap and bringing big bank resources and small bank attention to all individuals & communities. We focus our efforts across the following areas:

We invite you to learn more about our current performance in all of these areas by viewing our most recent Corporate Responsibility Report.


Think Forward

Tools to help you get ahead